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Does anyone else think that becoming a parent is the worst possible thing you can do to your sense of objectivity? It seems like everyone I know who is a parent directs all of their energy towards selfishly supporting the welfare of their children. I am not saying this is a bad thing for society, because children need someone to look after their welfare, and who better than their parents, but all of my friends who have kids become completing uninterested in most subjects besides their kids. A lot of them abandon their progressive politics and become pragmatic Wal Mart shoppers. They start voting Republican because they are afraid of their kids dying in a terrorist attack, or they start voting Democrat because they want the government to do as much of their parenting for them as possible.

I’m not trying to sound normative about any of this, I just want to point it out as an interesting observation. I don’t resent any of the parents I know, but being aware of the transformation that can take place makes me very weary of having kids.

My ideas are my babies.

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