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Immigration: It’s Good For Everybody

Looks like someone recently had some of the same ideas as I have.

Let’s open the borders. People want to come to this country to add value to the economy. If they can come into this country and live here legally, we can make them pay taxes. We don’t even necessarily need to immediately extend to them all of the rights and entitlements of citizenship.

“Won’t this be a drag on social services and public capital?” No, not if the immigration is increasing the tax base.

“Won’t they take our jobs?” They already are taking your jobs. Bringing people into this country will boost entrepreneurship and lead to net job creation. Look at Texas: the Texas job miracle is as much a story of immigration and population growth as it is about the business-friendly political environment. Remove obstacles towards creating enterprise and people will create jobs for themselves.

The problem today is that it is so hard to migrate to this country (and many other countries) legally. There is an incentive to come here illegally, and once an immigrant arrives here illegally, they usually are able to use social services and social capital, without paying taxes (why would they pay taxes if they are already here illegally?). Unlike rich people, immigrants aren’t intrinsically tax dodgers.

I think that nations don’t want free migration because they don’t want to compete with each other. If people got to vote with their feet, and models of governance were forced to compete with each other, it would be a win-win situation for the people and big loss for the corrupt practices of government.

They need to manufacture memes like terrorism and racism and “They took our jeooobs!” to get us to believe that immigration is bad for us, but it’s all bullshit.

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