Self-preservation is the primary objective of existence, but in and of itself it is a process that takes place completely within a subjective conception of personalized reality. There is an ideal that is beyond the subjectiveness of our personal realities and narratives, and that ideal is called Truth. Truth is not what we generally consider “something that is true” such as that “Today is Sunday” is a true statement; the Truth I am talking about are the immutable laws of the multiverse. Human language may not even be able to explain them, nor our minds to even understand them, but all of our thoughts and actions are informed by our own conception of what Truth really is, and by striving towards this ideal, we can approach it even without ever getting there or knowing where we are going. In mathematical terms, existence is the limit as time approaches Truth.

Living only for one’s own preservation and without respect to Truth is what creates the ennui, the existentialism angst that pecks at our minds. We try to ignore this angst by giving our senses stimulus, but this can only temporarily bring us respite, for these stimuli are temporary, and the angst itself is a spiritual issue into which we are born, and over the course of our lives we struggle with. The angst exists as a condition of existence, it comes from the same place as Truth: somewhere beyond our perceptual frame.

The best we can hope to do with our lives is to respect the Truth. Understand that Truth is something outside of us, towards which we can only approximate. As the only ideal, Truth is unattainable, but at the same time it is a worthy exercise to try and attain it. To be engaged in this world is to be on the quest for truth; to hide away inside of ourselves is to turn away from truth and to be disengaged from reality.

If Truth doesn’t make sense to you, substitute in God, infinity, whatever marker you use within your own mind.

Truth is everything. Reality is an approximation of the Truth. Our lives are experiences within reality.

What is true? The only thing I know for certain is that our current conception of reality and existence will end in something we call death. Everyone knows this, but is afraid to acknowledge it. The only thing guaranteed in this life is our demise.

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