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Timothy “Speed” Levitch

I heard of Speed Levitch several years ago while I was still completing my undergrad. A T.A. I had in a Chicano Studies class had recognized me as a earnest scholar and recommended that I check out the film The Cruise. I never did watch it until today, but I did check out some videos and read some articles about the guy on the internet, and I watched Waking Life without even noticing that Levitch was in it (probably because I didn’t really like Waking Life). I filed him away in my memory banks under bohemian street philosophers who seemed interesting, if not a little bit weird or half-baked, promptly forgetting about him as I explored the more arcane areas of financial engineering and pondered the ramifications of the economic crisis. Today I ran across the following quote, on The New Inquiry, which reignited my interest:

People riot the same way they orgasm. This is why the riots of men end as fast as they begin and have never really changed anything. Woman’s riot will be an ever-expanding, multiple, only-accumulating rebellion that will shatter this paradigm forever.

Here is an excerpt from The Cruise:

If you have Netflix, it is available for instant streaming as of right now.

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