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My bad… forgot I was supposed to also being writing about music

Tortoise are an awesome band. I honestly don’t know much about them besides what there music sounds like. As far as independent instrumental rock bands from the last 20 years go, they are the among the best, if not the best. Most of their songs are free-jazz jams based off one groove or melody, but it is definitely not simple music, and they aren’t afraid of getting all ambient and synthy on you, as if Brian Eno just happened to drop by for a minute. One friend of mine describes them as a faster and more jazz-influenced/less classical-influenced version of Mogwai.

Their albums TNT and Standards are what most hipster fanboys point to as their greatest, but I think they are one of those rare bands where you can jump into their catalogue anywhere and be not only rewarded, but also get an excellent impression of what the band is all about. There more recent stuff seems to rock a little harder. They also have done a lot of session work for indie bands and singers, or at least I think so… at the very least I know for sure that they did an album with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, so definitely check that out if you are into that type of stuff.

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