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Good Reads

The Philosophy of Applied Mathematics : Very interesting article and accessible for people who, like myself, aren’t math geniuses.

Gender is Dead, Long Live Gender : It is kind of amazing that we live in the year 2011, but gender and sexuality are still essentially avant garde subjects. I think that most people aren’t really interested in the subject on an intellectual level because it is something that most of the privileged majority take for granted. As a straight male, I never really thought much about the subject until several years ago when I started dating a girl who identified as bisexual and who was very informed about issues relating to gender politics. It is very easy for the straight population to be tolerant of alternative sexualities without being 100% accepting; I know that I definitely was guilty of this before I began investigating the subject (and this type of tolerance without acceptance doesn’t end just with sexuality, it also extends to race as well, and within the marginalized groups there is also a fair share of “backlash” intolerance/nonacceptance against the normalized-value holding majority group). Regardless of your own personal identification, you probably owe it to yourself to read this article, if for nothing else than to understand a part of the social transformations taking place in the world today and also to further your understanding of yourself.

The History of Dialogue: Other People’s Papers : Fascinating dialogue between a professor and someone who helps students cheat by selling them papers.

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