Dream Platform

Wars: End them, redirect 50% of military budget to a Manhattan project for sustainable energy infrastructure (solar, wind, tidal). End most foreign aid.

Abortions, Drugs, Prostitutes, Gay Marriage: All cool, Legalize It Peter Tosh. There is just no good reason not to. Every technocrat in the world agrees with me.

Medicare: replace with a single payer system modeled after Canada or the UK. Better end of life care: instead of paying $30,000 to prolong a 79 year old’s life by 6-12 months, give them a grant to go travel the world or start an NPO or whatever and let them die happier instead of live on more miserably.

Social Security: end it. Refund all SS contributions back to the people who paid them. It is nice to take care of old and sick people, but a government run SS system is the wrong way to do it. SS is modeled after a Ponzi scheme, and is inherently unsustainable. A better name for it would be “Social Stability”. It is a handout from the ruling class to keep the proletariat complacent. It is also, as currently structured, socially regressive.

Immigration: cutting down the size of the welfare state will let us bring in more immigrants. Immigrants are good especially entrepreneurial ones. Accordingly…

Business: too much of the tax burden falls on small businesses. The facts are that small businesses pay much higher marginal rates than large cap multinationals. Change the tax code to exempt the first $X of profits from taxation. Tax foreign earnings the same as domestic ones for multinationals.

Farm Subsidies: End them immediately.

Prison: use more remote monitoring for nonviolent offenders. Stop warehousing nonviolent criminals. Abolish the death penalty.

Law: allow people to take the bar exam without going to law school. Most of the founding fathers became lawyers by being an apprentice to another lawyer. Sadly, this process has disappeared and the legal industry is controlled in an oligarchic fashion by less than 200 law schools. This lack of competition drives up the costs of law school, and subsequently legal services and litigation. More lawyers = cheaper litigation and a more robust tort law system, which in turn allows for less Federal regulation and oversight, as many property right issues could be resolved by tort law.

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability should be at the center of my dream platform. The biggest crisis we face as a species is the carrying capacity of the Earth.

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