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In the Begining….

… there was this here. Now there is this.

If there is a general theme to what I write about, it is probably Post-Modern Political Economy. In a nutshell, I believe that economic systems are socially relevant so far as they maintain social and political  stability. If the peasants are revolting, this is a symptom of dysfunctional political economy. I believe that capitalism served to replace feudalism as a relevant economic system because capitalism supports social mobility and weakens the hereditary class system. Socialism caught on in the early 1900’s because it further eroded the class system, however its mechanisms of distribution were flawed, and pure socialism ultimately did not catch on because of the concept of “scarcity”: there were not enough goods to go around. I believe that presently we have eliminated the  most pressing types of scarcity (food, water, and shelter) and that a social democracy model of political economy is a natural progression out of the mixed market oligopoly that dominates the world today.

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